Fisted Words



… Just another day, another time, another town

In the eye of the storm, I’d await a sober glimpse

At your syndicated world


The familiar tenants living on a prayer

Paced by haste, never in stride, always racing

Against time, short gasps, long sighs

Hard feelings rise and fall like ash and debris


Caught in the storm, running from the surge to

Be washed away by the landslide again and again

Where toxins corrupt the integrity of fervor and

I chew the air, indiscriminately cursing at all on

Two legs

Slow my graceful swagger succumbs to a march of



At the park I pause to stand in bitter awe, eyes

Buried alive in the satellite-infested Hades above

A timid hush hovers over the empty playground

This tragic portrait of social disintegration

Daftly framed by the racket of drunken juveniles

Strapped in weapons of mass destruction on four


Glazed and dilated, fueled by Paxil and cocaine

Homicidal mutants with suicidal tendencies

The testaments of mans indifference


Faint the city pulse slips farther beneath my feet

My heart beckons to keep the faith, yet my soul’s

Aflame, I close my eyes to blind the abyss and

Hush the pervasive static; “Time to reconnect …”


Before I’d venture the plank in pursuit of balance

An overzealous stranger hails me, greets me behind

A silver grin; “Hey man, hey I know you

I know your words, I love your songs”


Turbulent I’d peer over the shades, trying hard

To resist an urge to incinerate, evasive I’d smile to

Mask my lack of indigent humility, and yet

My poised sting still got the best of me;

“Friend I don’t write

I paint pictures

With words I disguise

With words I brighten your nights

With words I’ll put out your lights

With words I’ve painted this clenched fist……”


Faced with the madness in my eyes, frantic he fled

And yelped for authorities, by day’s end “The Man”

Would indict my fist, terrorism they called it, ordered

It down and warranted my arrest


I’d heard resistance would lead to extreme prejudice

Yet prejudice’s hardly new to me

So weary of the gist I’d evoke grace under oppression

Engaged by hostility I’d repudiate the charges

And parry the foreboding perils of coercion with

Uncompromising defiance;

 “I cannot oblige, even if I did recognize your

Authority, the fist is no longer mine to mire in

The blood of innocent kept in captivity, and forced

Into lives of slavery now course through these veins

The fist my friend is not clenched by a mere man

Nor forged by steel, this here fist is that of free will

No man or beast, even the Almighty may never

Impose upon such liberty”


My fearless smile besieged his authority, threatened

By integrity and tasked with the protection of the

Machine, uncompromising was the decree;

“You’ve been ordered to bring it down, else it’ll be

Razed to the ground”


To the tolling bells they obliterated me, but never

Did I feel the pain I’d long left the old frame

Recluse I stood to watch the battery, perched in

Solace, upon a renewed perspective, determined and

Discreet, merciless and complete, and as they

Hatefully pulverized the corpse I felt only pity for

The fools


Fatal the resolve to dismiss a tolerant omen

The subordinate grunts assumed my will subdued by

Death, presumed my fisted words abrupt, derelict of

Duty, their impending penance would bind them to

A fate in my flames


The next day a victory parade to make an example of

Me, so they marched, yet behind their confident gait

A timid pulse kept pace, for even death himself may

Never sunder the fist of faith, defiance would never

Tolerate defeat


Victory declared prematurely, dismissed as deceased

Disgracefully buried in toxicity, triumphant they

Burned my unheralded words, pyres to ashes, ashes to

Tears and the blood to wash the slate of my disease


Alas my voice freed at last, tarried the words far and

Wide, across the horizon by birds of prey, procured by

Lucidity and synthesized by twilight’s celestial symphony


The once caged fury now unleashed to rise again, incited

By the stench of fear, it’d prowl the city streets

Somber I’d watch the stars forecast famine, for a fleeting

Moment remorse I felt for their children, a solitary tear

Shed for grace, before I’d laugh and sing the night away


Tireless the reanimated words trained all day

Semantic assassins, they’d await their time to shine

Whence they’d mobilize as a choir, diligent we kept the

Tempest company, and relished the placid epoch before

The fall of a blind moon, and as the crimson dawn declared

War on a new day, the militia of words would take arms


Unaware of the shadows that prey upon the subservient

Sentinels, fortified they’d lay within prison walls, yet all

The cement and asphalt bled the ink of freedom, the

Epitaphs of a forgotten word upon the fallen walls of

Babylon, the words marched to raze another fallen empire


Today my fist and my convictions; again rise as one

And soar ever higher.


Copyright ©2012 Ali Khaghani


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Is it any wonder?

Is it any wonder?


Do you ever wonder why?

Why you’d never seen, nor ever heard the man

Living next door to you for the past twenty years

That is before today, when you caught your first

And last glimpse, but a twelve-gauge makeover’s

All that you’ll remember forever


Clueless you’d stare through the peephole as they

Dragged the corps away, right past your door

“A lonely victim of suicide”; you’d overheard

So what was it that you felt?

Did you mumble beneath your cold breath;

“I hope they don’t rent to some loud noxious kids”


Ever wondered how the sweet old homeless man around

The way lost his smile, where’s the fire that sparked in

His eyes, cold and alone he begs for death’s merciful


Bare and fragile daily to watch the grains escape his

Intolerable hourglass, do you ever wonder why?

Just why you were succumbed by an abhorring urge to

Turn away from his greeting plea again today

Indifferent to his dire eyes, accelerating the plush BMW

Past his disgrace


Ever wonder why once more today, a precious lil angel

Wept like every-other day, crouched in silence, alone in a

Lonely corner of her classroom at the local elementary

School, ten years young and already shivering in fear of


Shedding tears of stolen innocence, whilst others laugh

And play as children should

Curled-up, she’s shattering to the tolling bells, another

Dreaded declaration of school-day’s end


Is it any wonder in a world where we glorify killers

The sociopaths reign supreme, the psychopath’s a

Decorated hero and thieves are exalted daily

When we encourage ambitions and cherish greed

Bigots lead, perverts freed, and the pedophile pardoned


We fear change and cling to routines

Where friends and family are only liabilities

Teachers can’t make ends meet yet the guys playing

With a ball and stick are billionaires


The underprivileged are deemed as discarded abject

The old and broken litter the allies, small children sleep

Hungry and die young, yet those of privilege consume

More than their share and apparently live forever

Where we mock those who dare to love and trust

Undermine the artists, we use and abuse kindness, we

Ridicule remorse


Is it any wonder when we allocate sympathy always

And only conveniently, where friendships are casually

Defined by acquaintance, never ever cherished, whence

We value obsessions gravely, devalue life daily, idolize

The smut queen, crown a liar as king, and worship paper



Where vanity eulogizes our empathy, honor and integrity

We bartered for envy and jealousy, hate’s our routine

Respect is synonymous with fear, slight is mandatory

Corporate conduct, steal or owe the exclusive equity of

Consumer prestige

Genocide and homicide decriminalized, the addendum

Reads; “It depends on the size of the booty”, bloody wars

Historically justified as “civil” conflicts in the name of

Homeland security and liberty


Plastic celebrities and the filthy rich fill the headlines

So now is it any wonder love’s a fable in a loveless world

For trust is profane in a house of cards

A few things to ponder today, as you turn your

Complacent eyes from the suffering humanity and

Seek a more soothing sight to rest your eyes on again.


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Free thinking aloud …

Think freely, rock the boat


Free thinking in secrecy… all day beneath the grid

Under the blanket of nominal static, crouched in oppression

Behind a shroud of virtuosity I’m thumbing through the stolen

Pages of history, led in pursuit of a profane truth, burrowed in

Knee deep in the sewages of man and machine, I keep my truth

Above the righteous diatribe, in a still between the anointed

And the obscene, my conscience keeps me clean and the native



 Still the virus remains poised to share the disease, the limiters

Infringe upon the sacred silence and again I feel the weight

Of the world on my shoulders

The decadent walls of dismal prudence shield my eyes from the

Sprawling famine, this domestic graveyard looms over the nation

Of Navajo and the native’s overcome with grief, I wipe his tears

From my eyes and ditch the sun, plot a subterranean route to

Abscond all corporeal persuasions, just an apathetic moment

Free of RF emissions and unattained by the distant wails of



I’d find refuge in a crawlspace, retrieve my focus and realign

My shadow, through the dank dark clarity emerged in urgent

Shades, solaced my global mind linked up, on air and

Broadcasting again, yet with no firewall, defenseless my

Thoughts infringe upon the blade, I’m a sitting duck


The menacing Murphy cries-out for parody, his laughter serves

As a caution to the machine, this sacred symmetry’s hard to

Come by and harder to hold, the harvest of logic and passion

Math and poetry, an emotional circuitry consummates the

Union as the scion arbitrates the ghost in the machine


Still he mocks the architect with a laughter that reverberates off

The gray-matter and echoes beyond the plasmatic barricade

I must muzzle this tintinnabulation of Hell’s bells before he alerts

The mindless sentinels, disguised by the vociferous traction and

Muffled by the obnoxious PA I creep about the subway and

Board the first train, quick survey of the cabin, three passengers

Too many


An abrasive debate already in progress, gorging the empty cab

With gobbledygook and hostility, a Catholic monk, a mullah, and

A Rabbi balls deep in a heated fray, validity, pertinence, and

Impassioned devotion to faith and Almighty, same old fairytale

Same old ugly faces of fear and insecurity

I have no pity for the products of a dismal reality that facilitates

Fanaticism, there’s always a choice, the pack mentality and the

Path of least resistance have mired us all in this abyss


Holy doctrines in clenched fists, the tiny minds enslaved by belief

Daft they articulate all the plagiarized virtues and Neanderthal

Ideals, the righteous agenda even bores the devil in me, and she’s

A muse, the holy grail of theocracy, “The universal truth”

Irrelative or related by some collusion, this much is true, a lie’s

Just a lie invariably, in any tongue or drawl


So loud that none ever heard my lunatic mind’s vulgar remarks

The uninspired scuffle and the audacious perpetration compels

Me to run but there’s no escape, seized by poetic injustice, the last

Cab and the only exit’s sealed for repairs, and as the madness in

My laughter raised the unrest to a new decimal, the uncivilized

Debate turned a blind corner to escalate into a bloody melee


Forced to intervene, I’d pull the brittle bones and hoary flesh

Apart, couldn’t help but ponder the passion exuding the decrepit

Fools, displaced chivalry, geriatric Jihad and all the chemically

Enhanced testosterone, entangled I curse Viagra involuntarily

No one should hesitate to sit on gramps lap and wonder if he’s

Packing or just happy to see me



Long retired from the fight, I’d resigned to my silent vigil and

Now allowed my ink to take up the fight, yet I could no less

Watch the fools expire before me as I could watch my own

Grandpa lose his dignity to decay back in the day

The perishable adversaries cowered behind a mock fury

I’d even contemplate estrogen, for if I closed my eyes I would

Swear I was at a catfight in some topless bar …


Still the dogs barked and flashed their dentures

Pulse feeble, eyes weary, sedated and surreal, eternal and

Merciless; change offers no compromise, shaken by my apathetic

Scowl they never recognized my empathy for their stolen lives

Daily unheralded, life expired within without and all around

Their grave indifference


I know the regiments of the psychic wars, the hustler’s handbook

“Sell it to yourself then sell it to the world”; the whole of the

Law, the practice of epidemic deceit, tell a lie enough times, and

They’ll coin it as the truth and sell it as currency

These veterans lapped the old LP like NASCAR, repetition and

Left turns, the redundancy’s immaculate, tradition and conformity


Long they’ve marched to the drum of another man’s greed

Now defined by the crusade, maligned by the consequence and

Reduced to victims of circumstance, they’ve lost all faith in

Humanity, and placed trust in an opportunistic deity


Belief lures the fanatic, so give it a name, a believer’s easy to

Offend, easily insulted and eager to defend his investment

The bargain bought into at a grave cost, he’d kill to save face

Now face to face they stood with my expired patience, as

Intolerance bore a psychotic grin, tickled my pensive sense

Of humor amused Murphy, who now orchestrated this how

To rehearsal; “Surviving a lunatic axe murderer onboard the



The infiltrations of panic and hysteria, and I kept thinking

I’d seen this scene on TV, what was that show again…

Predictable the distress siren rattled their timid hearts

The tiny frames dangled from my outstretched arms, flailing

Begging for their lives, my shadow anxious to mix it up

Urged to unleash the beast, the ego like FEMA dogs, locked

And loaded, ready to run amok amongst these depraved living



Suddenly adolescent, attentive for moment they sat quiet and

Measured me, so I removed my ominous hoodie and seized the

Moment; “Alright let me guess, you’re born again, you are a

Muslim, and you, hmmm Talmudic Jew, correct?”, like

Bobble-head dolls they nod, perplexed by the collection of visible

Ink, the tapestry of Farsi letters and Asian glyph garnished by

The arcane cross that hangs from my neck kept them reaching

For a bias


The Mullah comforted by my complexion, cleverly whimpered;

 “Son may I ask your name?”

His fiendish eyes narked him out, so I chuckle and shake my

Head; “Oh you are a keen old geezer aint you?

You must lube them creaky wheels, my friend you may have

Been quite a chump change charlatan back in the day, today

I recommend you reach for humility, not a Sesame-street-wise

Swagger, you’d all pounce on an opportunity to seek ally in me


Put the notion to rest, I’m not fit me for a stereotype

You discriminate candor by color and creed, this is your unlucky

Day, I shall favor Buddha for the lack of representation, and

Arbitrarily for none are any more or less reprehensible than the

Rest, the real culprits are you, not an icon or an idea


My name means “the lion of God” and I bow to no God or

Authority, it is ironic how you all identify the same narcissistic

Nauseating entity as your maker yet never have reconciled

With the one another’s faith, makes for a dysfunctional family

Don’t you think?”

The shift in momentum didn’t disturb the stale pitch of animosity

So I’d press on; “The truth is I have studied every dogma in

Length, each prophet, their messages, prophecies, psalms, gospels

And proverbs, searching for an ounce of truth, a viable evidence

Something redeeming amongst the pages of unfounded testimonies

The only benign prospects now seems lost in noble translations”


Triggered by my grave offense, they’d reload, full of incoherence

They’d recede back to 360degrees of vindictive separation

Irate I finally resolved to intimidation rather than sense, growled

To hush the chatter, until bulged they tuned in again;

“Pardon me gentlemen but I can not decipher all your twaddle

if you insist on speaking simultaneously I must ask you all to

Shut the hell up, before I was rudely interrupted, I was trying to

Objectively gather clues to all this animosity, may I conclude that

You’re all disciples of a common secular divinity?

Innocent bystanders besieged by a cruel disparity?


Have you for one lucid moment considered just why would

The One and Only, play such a cruel prank on his own children

Contradictory policies, shifty decrees that cause friction, effectively

And deliberately segregating them, is it divide and conquer he

Seeks, unity by love and tranquility’s a tough sale through these



To the Jews we’re to believe favoritism and entitlement

Condoning cruelty and bloodshed, and offering heaven with no

Hell or judgment, only to order the Christians against all

Judgment of others, seek peace and love your enemy, although

Hardly ever observed, they were told to “turn the other cheek”

Assured as yet penance for their assailants God shall deliver

Personally, told to lend and share generously, free of

Expectations, in recognition that none may ever steal that

Which is tendered with kindness …


Not to be outdone he’d turn around and command the

Muslims to war and martyrdom, why?

Calling upon the most brutal and inhumane physical

Punishments, nothing to cultivate, shoddy and inept

Appear his convictions in an otherwise grand design

Was he pitting you all against one-another, do you

Imagine the Almighty may have rushed the show on stage

Prematurely, eager as any artist to watch the craft

Manifest and enfold on its own, his enthusiasm ousted

His legendary tolerance and he stumbled upon an eternal

Folly, or else we just may be underestimating the impact

Of free, distracted by fallacies of destiny and prophecy


You suppose he made decisions arbitrarily, the old

Trial and error with lives of everyone, chuckling at

His own dilemma, resolved to feeble affirmations;

“Heck I’m God, quit being so anal, chill out, stay

Flexible, play it by ear, the ship will right itself”

What do you think?”


They coiled, recoiled and twitched in a disturbing

Pitch, patient I’d saddle the intolerable bale and

Deliver the knockout punch;

“Through all of man’s recorded history, have you

Considered how many innocent lives have been stolen

In the name of God, have you tried to put the names of

Your family and loved ones in their place, just to see

How’d you feel, how much of this soil and sand’s been

Tainted by bloodshed in the name of some holy crusade


How much suffering dealt, all due to moronic demands

The friction and contradiction in all the inhumane and

Unnatural policies

Where as a unified word spoken delivered by the beloved

Would have been embraced universally and wholeheartedly

Easily, effortlessly to envelope us, wrap us all in his loving

Grace and harmony

Now tell me friends are cruelty and suffering your God’s



Copyright ©2012 Ali Khaghani



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